Advanced Digital X-ray Capabilities with a Minimal Footprint

Ideal for facilities with a limited amounts of space x 17"

Less than 7 feet tall, the system comfortably fits into rooms with 8’ ceilings

Floor-to-wall column with rotating arm and variable height center

Counter-balanced unit that can be smoothly positioned.
Patients can be exposed in standing, sitting, and lying down positions.

40kW High Frequency X-ray Generator

Easy-to-Install Design

Single-column design allows for simplified installations (1-1.5 days).

Includes the VIVIX 1717V Fixed Flat Panel Detector and Customized Workstation

Pre-loaded with the award-winning VXvue imaging software.

Optional Configurations Available

Unit Includes a (5) Year Manufacturer Warranty on System, DR Panel, and Workstation

Flexible System Design

A wide range of movement, making nearly any examination possible

  • Detector tilting: +/- 45 °
  • Arm rotation: -30° – 120°
  • Tube rotation: +/- 90°

Fast motorized SID adjustment: 40” to 72”

Counter-balanced unit that can be smoothly positioned

Chin guard for enhanced patient comfort

System can plug directly into a residential power outlet

No need to worry about additional power

Quality and Durability

Durable powder coated finish

Powered by an ultra high frequency CPI CMP200DR (40kW)

X-ray tube: Canon Electron Tubes and Devices (140 kHu – 600 kHu)

Anti-Scatter x-ray grid:

  • Carbon Interspaced with Carbon Fiber for superlative image quality
  • 103 Line Pair
  • Ratio: 10:1

Tube Head & Touch Screen Display

7 Ft. column height: one of the most compact in the industry

A conveniently placed all-lock release sensor located on the tube head handle, allowing the operator to simple grab the handle and unlock the system, to make effortless adjustments

Column Movement:

  • SID: Motorized
  • 103 Tube Rotation: Manual, counter-balanced using the all-lock release mechanism

Display with bright LCD screen on the tube housing, displaying SID and angle of tube rotation

Service engineer calibration mode built into the display, offering simplicity when installing the unit

VIVIX 1717V DR Panel and Workstation

Active area of 17" x 17"

Fixed flat panel detector that doesn’t need to be removed for any position, reducing the risk of handling a portable wireless detector

High spatial resolution with 140um pixel array

Stable and reliable automatic exposure detection (Anytime™)

Fast image acquisition speed

Ready-to-go customized Dell workstation

  • Individually Staged:
  • Bloatware Removed
  • Optimized for VIVIX Software
  • Quality Tested

Ready-to-go customized Dell workstation

*see below for additional specifications