P & J Medical IT and Services is a nationwide healthcare technology management organization formed to effectively address the changing needs of the healthcare industry. We accurately and efficiently maintain your medical / IT equipment to ensure it consistently operates at peak performance and understand that it’s crucial to the safety and well being of both patients and healthcare professionals.

Why Are IT Services Essential for My Veterinary Practice?

A successful veterinary practice simply can’t operate without information technology (IT) today. From practice management functions like medical records, billing and payroll, to leading-edge clinical capabilities such as telehealth, to integrating all your various systems into a cohesive whole, IT is the backbone of your practice’s viability.

But the technology waters can be tough to navigate by yourself. You need to avoid hazards like data breaches, computer crashes, and server failures. And because IT is always evolving, you must be positioned to adopt new functionality when it makes operational and financial sense. You can’t afford to make a wrong turn when it comes to investing your hard-earned capital in new technology or upgrades.

Fortunately,P & J Medical and IT Services can show you the way.

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