Jade Mobile System

A Powerful, Innovative, Highly Versatile Portable X-ray System

Ideal for a variety of clinical uses
Complete with a powerful 4kW High-Frequency Generator
Compact Powerful System
A thoughtfully designed system that is assured to increase efficiency as well as maximize workflow.
Includes the VIVIX Wireless 3643VW CSI DR Panel
Customized Acquisition Laptop with Advanced Image Processing
Pre-loaded with the award-winning VXvue imaging software.
Optional Configurations Available

Simple User-Friendly Design

Easy-to-use operator console
Three-way control
Two-step foldable stand
Vehicle loadable with wheel lock
Auto-lock system

Easy-to-Use Operator Console

Pre-programmed 9 condition APR tool
User programmable
Two point Control
Auto calibration
Remote diagnosis

VIVIX 3643VW CSI Wireless DR Panel and Customized Laptop

Active area of 14" x 17"
High spatial resolution with 140um pixel array
Stable and reliable automatic exposure detection (Anytime™)
Fast wireless communication by IEEE 802.11n (Inside AP™)
Viewer software running on Windows™ OS (VXvue™)
Ready-to-go Customized Dell Laptop

  • Customized Dell Latitude Laptop
  • Individually Staged
  • Bloatware Removed
  • Optimized for VIVIX Software
  • Quality Tested
  • Toughbook Tablet Upgrade Available
Additional 3643VW CSI Spec Information